Da Mior Almond Blossom Facial Sheet Mask Review

by - April 14, 2018

I love me some good sheet masks, and since I use it daily, why don't I share with you my new find from Da Mior, a premium skin care brand from Korea. I got me a box of Almond Blossom Facial Sheet Mask that consists of 5 sheet masks that I use when I want my skincare routine to be extra special.

When I first got them out, I can feel the luxury from the packaging already. I don't know if you guys noticed, but the beautiful illustration of the almond blossom is actually a painting of "Almond Blossom" by Vincent van Gogh.

I have used the sheet masks for couple times before I write this review, so this is what I noticed...

The essence, which came from the most pure bamboo sap, is overflowing! I usually use the leftover essence on my neck and all over my body. There's no scent from the essence, which I like very much.

The sheet mask is super thin, and it clings onto my skin so nicely. The size of the sheet fits my face so well.

I can feel that my skin is so much hydrated after I use this mask, so I just massage my whole face with clean fingers with the leftover essence when I'm finished. The essence is not sticky, its actually more like water, so I don't feel the need to wash my face after.

If you're interested in getting Da Mior Almond Blossom Facial Sheet, you can hop over to my Charis Shop to enjoy the special price!


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  1. Tipis banget maskernya, masker tipis begini enak banget deh digunain. Jadi kepengen mencoba. hihi


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