Review: Towmond Real Fresh Set (Mist Toner, Emulsion Serum, Facial Eye Cream)

by - April 18, 2017

I was sent a set of Towmond Real Fresh from Charis that includes Mist Toner, Emulsion Serum, and Facial Eye Cream. Truthfully, I never tried any product from this brand before, then I started to look for more information about Towmond Real Fresh.

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At first I was confused by the numbers on the products, it's written 2017.04, which means April 2017 right? Then I happened to surf Towmond official website, turns out these items are one month supply! Towmond only manufactures the exact number of orders to ensure the fresh quality of products. So they will send you skincare set every month to make sure that your products are the freshest! How cool is that?!

Real Fresh Mist Toner (90ml)

Is it weird that my first impression after trying this mist toner was I felt... fresh? Hahaha, it has no minty feeling whatsoever but the toner surely hydrate the skin very well. It distributes the mist to your whole face, and not to one spot only so you don't have to worry about wetting your face.

I use this twice a day after my facial wash. However if you prefer to use cotton pad, you can spray the toner directly to cotton pad and pat your face with it. And since the size is quite big (90ml) it will actually last you for more than a month, so you can bring it with you everywhere to keep your face hydrated.

Real Fresh Emulsion Serum (50ml)

After using the toner, you can go ahead continue with this Emulsion Serum. The consistency is quite thick as a serum, it's more like a lotion in my opinion, but it absorbs into the skin quite fast.

I really like the fact that this emulsion serum is non sticky and not leaving my skin look oily and greasy. You can top it off with makeup afterwards, so it works as a primer to make your makeup last longer, win win!

Real Fresh Facial Eye Cream (50ml)

The last thing that I got from the package is this Facial Eye Cream, at first it's eye cream but the instruction said that it's to be used over the face, so I guess this is face & eye cream, to be used all over your face.

The texture is similar to the Emulsion Serum, it's more watery than the previous eye cream that I used before, but you still got the richness of the cream. It's also great as primer for makeup so skin will be all moisturized and easier to apply. It makes your skin looks healthy and dewy after using this skincare set, and you'll notice that skin will feel plump after each use, love it!

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