Review: L'Oreal Color-Vive 1 Minute Protecting Mask

by - July 01, 2016

I've been dyeing my hair every couple of months for the last couple of years. Truth to told, I'm very picky about hair colorant, and I nevernot even oncebleach my hair. I cannot imagine how coarse my hair will be if I bleached it, plus I'm quite old-fashioned, I'd feel more comfortable with natural-coloured hair instead of having rainbow-coloured hair like everybody else nowadays.

I'm the kind of person who thinks that hair is everything, especially when you're a girl. Believe it or not, but hair complements your whole look. So I treat my hair like a real treasure to keep it healthy and look good at all times.
Protect and prolong the radiance of your color-treated hair with Color-Vive. It protects against external aggressions that dull and weaken colored hair. The Protecting Mask prevents hair color from fading and protects color becoming drab and dull. Developed with the Color Protect Light Reflecting System, Color-Vive is formulated with UV filters that nourishes the hair and helps protect the hair fibre from external aggressions.

I remember using hair mask in the good old days, when I had to spend about half an hour before rinsing it off. I'm so thankful with beauty innovation miracles like L'Oreal Color-Vive 1 Minute Protecting Mask! All you need is a good one minute, though sometimes I leave it for more than a minute to make sure my hair has fully absorbed all the goodness from this mask.
I truly love how my hair feels and smells afterwards, it's so freaking soft and smooth. Sometimes I use the hair mask after conditioner, or as a conditioner substitute on lazy days. I'm pleased with result after using this products for months, it's a good maintenance for coloured hair like mine.

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