Review: Itsy Luxury Nail Wraps (White Marble)

by - July 07, 2016

Hi beautiful people! Hope you all are having an amazing holiday so far, and Happy Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrate! Today's post is going to be short and straight-forward as I'm going to talk about nail sticker only anyway.

I've seen the hypes of nail stickers and tried couple of brands before. And as I was shopping on Sociolla the day before, I wandered to Itsy Nail page there and decided to get this. I love the white marble design, it's simple yet sophisticated. I'm sure all nail art junkie out there could recreate this look by doing water-marble, but you know me, I'm a very practical person therefore I cheated with nail stickers.
There are several things that I like about nail stickers, it's the easiest to apply, it lasts up to two weeks, and it's easy to maintain. Especially for this Itsy Nail, I don't even have to top it off with top coats like what I have to do with other nail sticker brands, and it's made from real nail polish so it doesn't look too fake on the nails.
One pack consists of 7 pairs, measure the size of sticker that will fit your nail perfectly.

All you need is to take the cover off and place the sticker on your nail, press it firmly then use nail file (also provided in the pack) to remove the excess sticker. It's so simple, it will only take half an hour for a beginner to finish both hands.
This is the end result. It looks gorgeous and super neat, which I cannot achieve by only using nail polish alone. Though you may not see from the picture above, the white colour is a bit see through, it may only happen with bright colours. So I would recommend on getting darker coloured intead.
However, after couple of days I noticed there were some bubbles showing up. I took this picture on the third day after I applied the stickers. I'm not really sure why this happened because I never had this kind of problem with other nail sticker brands before. Have you experienced the same thing, or is it just me?
It didn't really show up on pictures, but the sticker doesn't look really pretty with the bubbles. I really wanted to like this nail sticker, too bad this happened....

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  1. Looks great in the first application, it's a pity that it starts to bubble up only on the third day :/
    Thanks for the review as always!



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