Health is Real Wealth

by - June 27, 2016

I know that it may sound a little bit ridiculous by some people, but I do need to maintain my weight. I might look skinny, but being skinny isn't the same as being healthy. As I grow older, I realise that I spend most of my time working at the office and have no time to exercise, and after years I finally decided to stand up for myself for the better and join a fitness club.
It all started last year, and as I am usually occupied to work on different things at once, have to be from one place to another swiftly, I decided to join Celebrity Fitness - All Club, where I could train on every club available, sweet huh? :)
I also got help from a Personal Trainer (PT), since they know best what to do and the best way to do it. For example, I want to be toned, and one of my major problem (if it's not all of our problem lol) is my tummy. So I got abs workout now and then. Bye flabby tummy~ I surely won't miss you!

Though honestly, the first few months were the worst in my case. Especially when I have some overtime work to do, deal with the traffic, the unbreakable unhealthy lifestyle, etc. So I really recommend you to have some friends to go together with, or having a PT to motivate you. Once this lifestyle has became your daily life, you won't ever regret it.
You do what's best for you. You make your own goal. You work hard for yourself. And trust me, the result worth the all the hard work and the sacrifices you make.

 J E S S I E 

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