Glowing Look for Ramadan

by - June 25, 2016

As Ramadan is coming up next week, I gotta share this fun event I went to last week. So I was invited by Female Daily to Panasonic Beauty event where I learned how to create glowing look with other beauties, we had so much fun together!
The coolest thing about that event is when we all could experience some beauty devices from Panasonic. Namely this facial ionic steamer that you can use to moisturise and clean your face all at once! The nano-sized particles help to penetrate the skin much easier compared to normal steam.
A make up tutorial was conducted that day.
Can you see her glowing skin even before makeup? She was using the facial steamer beforehand! You could see an immediate result from this device, cool!
And this is the result. Totally in love with this makeup, very natural, not too overdone. Isn't this look perfect for Hari Raya? :)

And we're also taught how to use the hair straightener.
You can control the heat of the hair straightener too.
I used low-medium heat and it's enough to mane my super straight hair :)

I love the fact that I didn't have to burn my hair to get a put together look. I'm totally putting this hair straightener on my wish list!
This is the result. The ceramic layer helps to protect my coloured hair too. So it's safe to be used often.
Thank you Female Daily & Panasonic Beauty for arranging a fun and helpful event. Looking forward for the next one ;)

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