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Sorry for the lack of updates for past few months.  There have been so many things going on in my life, but I made a pact with myself today to post more, not only beauty and fashion stuffs, but also my personal life (check label: JOURNAL), the last time I talked about my life was last year, woah it has been so long! It's not that my life is perfect than I want to brag about it every couple of days or so, but I want to share so you can know me better, I guess? So I'm going to write about things I do, about places I go to, about friends and all that stuffs.

So I'm gonna start with last week, I went to Seibu Grand Indonesia to pay a visit to Sulwhasoo counter, because they're new in Indonesia, but they have two counters already since 2013, in Seibu Grand Indonesia and Sogo Plasa Senayan. They gave me a spa, which I think is promotional or something, because I don't think they give free spa all year round.

 So many goodies to choose from! Sulwhasoo is a luxury skincare brand from Korea, most of the products use ginseng ingredients! :)

The spa was awesome, I got a chance to try some of their products from cleansers, mask, toner, serums and moisturizer! I'm new to Sulwhasoo products, but I must say that I'm in love with their peeling mask! I had been having a super dry face last week, especially around my nose and mouth area (no photo because it was to fugly and disgusting) they started to peel off and my whole face was really itchy, but all the skin was peeled off completely after I used the peeling mask, without me feeling itchy! And my dry skin had improved a lot since I use the First Care Serum, I'll blog about it soon~~~

Left: stuffs I brought home!! (First Care Activating Serum, Essential Firming Cream, Cleansing Oil) | Right: mask timeee!!

So after the spa, I met Francesca (my friend from college) at D'Journal, and took some photos together. And you can check her fashion blog http://littlemiucesca.blogspot.com to see photos of her that I took that day hahah, plus I revamped her blog just a lil bit, because I couldn't stand to see her old blog's layout.. She's nice, sweet, has great style and also talks a lot!

I had no makeup at all, because just had spa earlier. Eyes look so small with no eye makeup -_-

Can't wait to hang with her later! :D

That is all for today. Might update something more tomorrow or the day after tomorrow heheh. Pinky promise, I will blog more..

♡ J E S S 

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