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Aloha beautiful people!!
Finally got some outfit photos to share heheh, many thanks to Maria Clara from http://melodramaticlove.blogspot.com who took these pics for me. I went to her house last week and yea, pics are taken in her lovely house, couldn't take pics outside cause her neighbors were renovating their house and there were some construction workers working and all.

The skirt is so flowy, I love it! The only downside is it also can be flown by wind, so I have to grab my skirts tightly if there are some pretty strong winds HAHAHA.

I'm more a nude lipstick girl, because it looks more natural and compliments my whole makeup better. And I usually don't bother dressing up or do makeup to my friend's house, but the reason I came by to her house was to do some filming together! It'll come up this month :D

People, Maria Clara... Maria Clara, People...
She's actually my best friend since high school and I call her as 'Miu' (and I don't know why I never talked about her before hahaha), we hung out like almost every time with our friends who are now studying overseas (Lina is living in Austria, and Kece is living in USA) and now it's only the two of us from the group who are still in Jakarta :( Miu likes to write, you can check her blog http://melodramaticlove.blogspot.com. Thank you Miu for the photos, they turn out great haha! :)

Later that day, Miu asked me to join her video chat on Omegle, that was actually my first video chat with strangers because... yea you know what nasty people do on the internet using webcam, and I always avoid that kind of situation. But then she made kind of beauty contest between us and asking people which one of us is more beautiful, I told her "People would say we both are, they're not gonna point on one!" but she kept insisting and insisting.. The conversation went on pretty much like this.... (We asked to almost a dozen of people hahaha)

And I was right, from all those people, no one said that one of us is more beautiful than the other. I guess I can say that we're both just equally beautiful and you also the same, you are beautiful..!

Until next time!!
♡ J E S S 

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