Review: Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow

by - March 24, 2014

Hi gorgeous!
If you know me well enough, you'd realize that I'm a very practical person, I prefer things to be done fast and easy, even when I do my makeup. I noticed that sells Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow, I was really excited, well who doesn't want a 7-days-eyebrow-tattoo anyway? If I don't have to do my brows for a week, it means less time to do my makeup in the morning (which also means more beauty sleep for me hahaha)! So I grabbed it right away to try it out! I have used it for almost two months already, and here is my thoughts about this product....

Everything about this product reminds me of liquid eyeliner, from the packaging, the brush and the liquid formula. It comes in two shades: Natural Brown and Dark Brown, I use Dark Brown since I have dark brown hair and I'm thinking of dyeing my hair black real soon!

Left: tip of the brush | Right: swatches

Left: Before | Right: After

I hope all the pictures I took are pretty clear for y'all. I apply it on both of my eyebrows, on the very first day, your eyebrows will look so intense, no kidding, they're going to be like super dark. Just a lil' tips, its better to apply it right before you sleep, so the color will stay longer, because you're not going to wash your face for at least in 6-8 hours.

As you can see at the picture above, the color is almost gone in the 4th day, and yes the color is completely gone in the day after. So I could say the staying power of the product is not precisely 7 days as it claimed, but more of 3-4 days only. I didn't use makeup remover on my brows at all, just washed my face with my regular facial cleanser twice a day, and the color becomes lighter every time I wash my face.

However I think it's still a very good product, I don't mind touching up my eyebrows for only two times in a week rather than do it every single day, because I always make sure to go out with groomed eyebrows.

It is really easy to use, I recommend you to have your eyebrows groomed first (if you can't do it by yourself, just go to beauty salon), then just fill in the brows. If you make some mistakes while doing your brows with this product, just remove 'em with eye makeup remover and redo your brows.

Really recommended for practical girls like me hehee, and if you have thick eyebrow this product is right for you. Not recommended if you have thin and sparse eyebrow, because the color will become lighter each day, and it will look so unnatural and fake.

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  1. My tattoo brow washes off completely after the first wash in the first morning :( i applied it like directed before sleeping but still it doesnt work im so disappointed xD what am i doing wrong?

    1. as you can see from the picture, on the second day, most of it was already gone haha.
      i won't recommend this item if you have sparse eyebrows though.
      I think the only thing that kept the product to stay on for couple days on me was my eyebrows :P
      but i usually reapply every few days (not exactly 7 days)

  2. i recommend you apply it in the morning, say Monday morning so you still enjoy the full effect for a day. Expect it to wash off on the second day but not completely washed off. It usually washes off and needs retouch on the 3rd or 4th day, still not bad tho.

  3. I am trying to get Natural Brown but it always seems to be out of stock ):


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