by - December 29, 2013


Clean my make up brushes regularly.
(Solution: I should make a schedule or maybe reminder on my iPhone, so I'll always remember to wash my brushes at least twice a week)

Drink more water.
(Solution: bring water bottle in my bag every time)

Apply sunblock everyday.
(Solution: buy travel size sunblock and put it in my bag)

Create new make up look at least every week.
(Solution: play with makeup more haha)

Have my eyebrows groomed every time.
(Solution: pluck my eyebrows at least once a week and fill in my eyebrows everyday)


Spend more time with family.
(Solution: go out together at least once a week)

I. Should. Smile. More.
(If you never meet me in person, you probably don't know about this, but I actually have a bitchface, even my closest friends say that I have an arrogant face and all. Well, I can't help it since I was born with this face, but...
Solution: smile! Or at least smile like you mean it.
...hope this will help though, because in real life people do judge by the cover)

Do some work out.
(Solution: go swimming once a week)

Learn baking.
(Solution: buy books, watch youtube, buy this and that, then start baking)

What is your beauty and non-beauty resolutions for 2014? :)

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  1. got no resolutions yet, they are to hard to make n follow.. I hope u can pull through yours :)

  2. Great resolutions Jessica! I don't make any because I know I never follow them :p


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