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Lancôme opens its “Maison” in Indonesia.
A “Maison” bathed in light, signed by Peter Marino

At the heart of SCBD area in Jakarta, Galeries Lafayette, the French luxurious department store in Indonesia, Lancôme welcomes its visitors into a universe designed by acclaimed architect Peter Marino. Maison Lancôme represents a realm of made-to-measure experiences showcasing the crafts in which Lancôme has always been at the cutting-edge of the avant-garde and of excellence: fragrance, skincare and make-up.
Maison Lancôme’s different spaces share the theme of light, alongside a sense of free movement, invitation and intimacy. Each aspect has been devised as a chapter in a story which resonates with confident femininity. A refined atmosphere that lends itself to experimentation, as well inviting guests on an enchanting quest to rediscover femininity.

The sense of excitement is maintained at the centre where you can have a pampering consultation by the skincare space and an exciting beautifying experience by the make up space. As if in a Parisian apartment, the décor has changed, yet remains faithful to the spirit of beauty and luxurious simplicity.  The walls are dressed in sovereign flower and symbol of Lancôme Roses lends its name to the Rose panel decorated with photographs by artist Jennifer Lund.

Initially surprised by this radiant light-box, women's eyes are soon drawn towards Skincare Bar where iconic products like Visionnaire, Génifique or Rénergie are displayed, while the latest iconic stars of the Absolue range are to be found in an ultra-luxurious space dedicated especially to them. With every step, a private premium consultation corner richly soothing sense of warmth are ready to welcome women's every desire and every need, allowing for 2-minute advice or in-depth expertise sessions lasting over an hour.

Lastly, at the back of the space, access to the Fragrance display dramatized with rich splendour of Fragrance pillars that awake emotion. In this space, the iconic silhouettes of haute perfumery are infinitely reflected by ingeniously positioned mirrors which render them not just weightless and unworldly, but truly seem to send them floating along the walls.

Maison Lancôme also represents a new vision of the retail experience, with the desire to offer a new level of made-to-measure service. Lancôme has thus crafted exclusive consultations (free of charge with no need to book), to suit the time the client has available:

Les secrets de Lancôme”:
Six versions for a flash beauty result, in just two minutes:
• “2 Minutes Aura”: beautify your complexion in just 2 minutes.
• “2 Minutes Youthful Gaze”: rejuvenate your eyes in just 2 minutes.
• “2 Minutes for a perfect complexion”: create a 24hr wear perfect complexion in just 2
• “2 Minutes Crystal Bright Complexion”: Brightened your complexion in just 2 minutes.
• “2 Minutes illuminating Lift”: Rejuvenation treatment for lifting and luminous look in just 2
• “2 Minutes Personalized Look”: Realized your personalized eye make-up look in just 2

“Lancôme Make Over”:
This service offers a 15-minute make-up service full of make-up tips given by the Brand's beauty experts.

“Diagnôs Express” skin diagnosis
In under 15 minutes, this ultra-technological tool - protected by 4 patents - is able to analyse up to 5 clinical parameters. A high-resolution diagnosis to define skin's characteristics and thus identify women's genuine needs and offer perfectly tailored beauty solutions.

This is above all else a living space composed of experiences – some chosen, some unexpected – that joyfully proclaim the magic of serendipity, discovering rather than seeking out; Maison Lancôme is a living forum for today's femininity. This very first collaboration between Lancôme and Peter Marino is continuously infused with a strong sense of welcome, generosity, sincerity and attentiveness. Today, this partnership takes on a concrete form, drawing on what today's women desire: the promise not only to be celebrated, but also to be understood and supported, in total trust, along the ever personal discovery of one’s own beauty.

 “It was important for us to call upon one of the world's best architects to work on our new Maison Lancôme concept. So quite naturally, we looked to Peter Marino, who has sensitively and uniquely reinterpreted his vision of luxury by Lancôme. He has ensured that Maison Lancôme is a universe bathed in light,” explains Youcef Nabi, Lancôme Worldwide President.

Peter Marino the star architect:
Peter Marino is one of the most celebrated architects and designers of his time. He began making a name for himself in the mid-70s, in particular through his redesigning of Andy Warhol's house on New York's Upper East Side and his famous studio, the “Factory”. Today, he has designed more temples to luxury than any other architect. A true ambassador of contemporary retail, Peter Marino is undeniably the star architect in the luxury realm.
Peter Marino's work on materials, textures, light and a constant dialogue between the inside and outside worlds has fundamentally redefined aesthetics across the globe. Having risen among the ranks of the world's most brilliant architects, over the years Peter has been honoured with the profession's most prestigious awards.
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