by - December 22, 2013

Hi gorgeous people! How was your day so far? I hope ya'll doing great! I went to a Christmas celebration at my local church with my family tonight, and it was a blast!! Then we had pizza for dinner, haha typical of The Simons family, we usually have pizza for dinner at the weekend (my Mom doesn't cook at weekend so that's why). So you can sum up that I had a pretty good day today..! :D

But earlier today, I went to vet because Franklin needed a check up on his left eye, the inside of the cornea turned greyish and I was afraid it would cause blindness :(. So turned out, it wasn't cataract, they said it was caused by the food that Franklin usually had, so from now Franklin should have diet, and some meds that he should take twice a day. We just wish it won't getting worse...

I decided to wear my floral print jeggings, because I was prohibited to wear any prints pants since last month at the office, since I work from Monday-Friday, the only time I can wear these are knly on weekend. I don't really like the idea actually, because the way I dress doesn't determine how I work at all, I mean hello I only wore these floral print jegging once and the other girls wear super mini skirts and I was the one who got banned to dress up?! Hashtag: life as an intern.

My eye make up for today! Grey + Silver, what do you think? :D
I guess that's it for today's chit-chat, sorry if I did some typo here and there, because I'm typing on my iPhone.. :p

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P.S. For my Indonesian friends, today is Indonesia Mother's Day, what you got for your Mom? :)

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