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So actually months ago I helped to color Jen's hair with Liese Bubble Hair Color, of course I was the one who recommended it to her :D! Jen is my little sister, and she is in high school. In Indonesia, its prohibited for students to dye hair, she said she wanted to try it, so she picked Creamy Beige shade that would not look for attention very much, so her teachers wouldn't notice her new hair. If you never tried dying your hair before, but you wanted to try maybe this shade is perfect for you, the shade is neutral and not too light.

We bought it in Sasa Johor Bahru, its only RM 38.00 (around USD 10.00). If you like to try Do-It-Yourself hair dye, I would recommend this brand, Liese, because it's really easy to use, even if you're a complete beginner in hair dying world!

So this is the color chart, if you have black hair, you will get slight brown after hair dying process.

These are the things that you will get in the box, a paper of instruction how to do it by yourself, written in many languages, added with pictures. The bottle no. 1 (the black bottle) contains the hair dye liquid, you have to pour the liquid into bottle no. 2 (the clear bottle), you will also get hair treatment pack (behind bottle no. 2), use it after you wash your hair.

These are the bottles!

Pour it up!

You can see there's white and brown liquid in the bottle, but they're not mixed yet. Alright, now, place the white cap back, and start to flip the bottle up and down for five times.

Flip the bottle down, and flip it up again. Make sure to do it gently, don't do it harshly.. Just do it with your heart lol.

Now you can see that the liquid is finally mixed! Then replace the white cap with the pink cap! The hair dye is now ready to use. Just pump the bottle, and the bubble/foam will come out.

The bubble! :)

And here are photos of before and after hair dying process:



I think the hair color did a pretty good job, it looks a lot better in person though, its really hard to take the best pic of how it turned out, but I guess you can also notice slight brown. Tell me what do you think about it :)
Have a great day

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$
Repurchase: Yup

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