by - October 08, 2013

It's been ages since the last time I posted a review of contact lenses, Geo Lens Nudy Brown.. I am short sighted, so soft lenses really help me! I actually have some different colors of lenses, but today I'm going to review Berries Contact Lenses, in Blueberry color!

The reason why I bought these lenses is because the water content is 60%, when most of soft lenses only have 40%. Oh, and they also have license from Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, which means they're safe. When you're going to put something to your eyes for hours, days and even months, you have to make sure that they're safe, remember that you only have A PAIR of eyeballs in your life, treat them right!

The diameter is 14.5mm, good enough to make your eyes look bigger. I find that soft lenses that has diameter more than 15.00mm are super drying, so I tend to use lenses with diameter below 15.00mm. They have HEMA 40%, and water content 60%.

They're really comfortable, not drying at all, so I don't have to bring eye drops everywhere. They also have cool patterns, and have 3 tones, from the inner part is brown, blue, then black. The pattern makes it look so natural, I love it!

What do you think?

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  1. Yuuup aku juga pakai soflents ini.. Nyaman banget karena tipis.. Kmrn sempat mau beli yg blue, tp out of stock, akhir nya beli warna brown


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