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We all love Lancôme and its amazing products, I have mentioned some Lancôme's new and best selling products, the Hypnôse eyeshadow palette, The Hypnôse collection actually comes in eyeshadow palette, single eyeshadow and mascara, and has three signature look: Doll Eyes, Drama Eyes and Star Eyes.

And I was invited along with other beauty and fashion bloggers, to another show of Lancôme Hypnôse, the most interesting part is the products that would be shown are the limited edition Hypnôse eyeshadow palette and mascara, the packaging was designed by Alber Elbaz, the creative director of Lanvin!! I was so so excited, because there was a demo make up using Hypnôse eyeshadow palette and mascara, and also a fashion show! :)

Hypnôse Doll Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (black and red hearts)

Hypnôse Drama Eyes Waterproof Mascara (black and pink polkadots)

Hypnôse Star Eyes Single Eyeshadow (black and blue stars)

Products photos courtesy of Lancôme Indonesia

Some of you must have noticed the make up artist, he's Widjaja :)

12 palettes of eyeshadow to create three different looks: Doll, Drama and Star. FYI, Hypnôse eyeshadow palette has magnetic applicator, the first and the only one in the market, so you won't lose your applicator ever again! You can even use the eyeshadow in dry and wet application, just simply tap your brush on wet cotton pad, and apply your eyeshadow normally, it will create such intense look. For IDR 650.000, this palette is really worth buying!

And here are the fashion show photos, all the dresses are glamorous, and all models looked beautiful with their signature Doll, Drama and Star looks... Glow Plaza Indonesia was successfully transformed as a runway!

Alright, this photo isn't about the fashion show anymore. Its just me standing happily because I won best dress that day! Actually Stephanie (from Diary of a Product Junkie) and Nisa (from Nisa's Beauty Room) already told and convinced me that I would definitely win the 'Doll Look', but I was like, 'Meh, there are lots of fashion blogger attending the event, I wouldn't win lah..', but I was wrong, well actually not that wrong, the other two girls are contributors from fashion magazines (if I'm not wrong), so I was the only beauty blogger who won the best dress.

Aaaand another pic of me, still standing happily with my gift, and this was what I wore to the event, not the outfit of what I will wear daily, I dolled up for the sake of the event, and the dresscode..
Two photos above was taken by Stephanie, thank you for being helpful and thoughtful!

Group photo with beauty blogger friends :)

I really love the show, it was really fun! The products are amazingly beautiful with packaging, I love the quirky design by Alber Elbaz, even a high-end brand like Lancôme can also has cute packaging!! Oh, and I got the Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara from winning the best dress, the review is coming soon, so stay tune dear readers!

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  1. You deserve to win, Jes! It was nice to meet you, by the way~ ^_^//~

    1. 'twas really nice to meet you Phan!
      I hope we can meet up soon hahahahaha :))


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