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Hey, wazup you guys? I hope you're doing good and excited as I am to do another unboxing beauty box! Today we're going to open the Vanity Trove (July Edition) box! :)
Actually I received this beauty box on June 26th if I'm not wrong, but I just had the time to post the pics and all, so yeah, here it is....
The box! Its white and neat with a touch of pink.
The first thing in my mind after I opened the box was like, "What the hell are these things, I'm not paying for these shits!" Seriously, most of them are drugstore products, really disappointing. The Vanity Trove Indonesia had made us, the subscribers had high hopes for the July Edition (or the third box), but surprisingly, they gave us big disappointment. And also, Vanity Trove beauty box is the most expensive among all beauty boxes which available in Indonesia, it costs IDR 185.000.

Am I the only one who is disappointed? No, almost all of the subscribers also feels the same.
How do I know? Alright, here is the story. I followed VTI's Marketing Director, Harumi Sudrajat at instagram, and one day she posted a photo about how great the three 'sold out' months of VTI's boxes, and there were so many disappointed comments from her instagram followers slash VTI's subbies, about the drugstore products, and how they were not sure to sub for another months after the July box and stuffs. And the next following morning, I found out that she already deleted that photo.

I know that its great to try out new products, no offense for Vanity Trove Indonesia and also Harumi, but they made us had high hopes, and I did love the two previous boxes, unfortunately, the July box is not good :(.. Well let's continue to the products!!
(From left to right)
Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair
Gives you 4x fairer skin from the first application and Vitamin B3 that nourish your skin from the inside out.
Size: 190ml (Real Size)
Retail Price: IDR 29.000

Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair
Gives you multiple benefits for your night treatment such as: Anti aging formula, fairer skin, Deep cell action that moisturize your skin into deeper layers. Use it everyday during your pre-sleep routine.
Size: 190ml (Real Size)
Retail Price: IDR 37.000

Vaseline Healthy White SPF 30 PA++ Body Serum
Currently has the highest SPF in body lotion market. It gives protection for your skin and makes your skin fairer.
Size: 180ml (Real Size)
Retail Price: IDR 30.000
Pond's Flawless White Whitening Expert BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++ (Light)
Pond's first-ever BB+ cream, specifically designed for Asian skin, is enriched with GenActiv Formula to instantly conceal dark spots and blemishes, whilst bringing out the skin's natural radiance. Combined with the most effective whitening agents, it works deeply within the skin to inhibit melanin production, resulting in the reduction of dark spots to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.
Full Size
Retail Price: IDR 69.500

SilkyGirl Magic Pink Lip Balm (Strawberry)
is a colorless lip balm that is specially formulated with natural ingredients to help lock in 6 hours of moisturize to give you soft, smooth and luscious lips.
Full Size
Retail Price: IDR 19.900
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control
targets early and stubborn cellulite. It helps to reduce the look of stubborn cellulite and prevents its return.
Trial Size
Retail Price: IDR 676.000

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift
lifts, defines, and shapes. Specially designed for Asian women, this blend of powerful plant extracts helps to eliminate excess fats, drain puffiness and define facial contours.
Trial Size
Retail Price: IDR 810.000
Natvia (Sweetener)
Some say this is for the die-hard coffee and tea drinkers amongst us. We say, don't forget families. More goodies for everyone. Real Natural Goodness.
Retail Price: Coming soon

Gold Diva by Roberto Verino, Tous l'eau
gives the lightness and luminosity of the exotic fruits and an elixir of petals, sensual yet glowing. Tous l'eau is simplicity, purity, and clarity. Three fragrances, two aromas, one attitude, with an appreciation for small gestures.
Trial size (1.5 ml)
Retail Price: IDR 450.000
They still have the vouchers and leaflets unorganized like Beauty Treats who has vouchers printed in the booklet.

I just hope that the next box from Vanity Trove Indonesia will not be disappointing as this July edition. Let's do another Unboxing Beauty Box in another time!

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  1. salah satu alasan gw ga ikut subscribe box beauti
    soalnya isinya ga tahu bakal bagus atw ga
    btw mahal juga yah, kmrn BTI cuman 95 kan klo ga salah ?
    seharusnya klo mahal 185 harusnya lebih wah donk..

    1. i know right! dan mereka menggembar-gemborkan si box july ini, dengan harapan yang sangat tinggi, ternyata isinya gitu doang.. semuanya drugstore, kecuali trial sizenya..
      iyap, beauty treats 95rb yang gold box nya hehe..

  2. OMG most of them are drug store products :(
    not really a fan of vaseline body lotion, prefer jergens' more :D have u tried them? :)

  3. wew.... kok isinya bisa dibeli di watson smua ya :(
    padahal uda mahal2 >.<
    tpi parfumnya kyanya wngi hehehehe

  4. Looks beautiful!

    I would like to personally invite you to join my GIVEAWAY!!! :)
    Please join my giveaway : http://sausanhanifah.blogspot.com/2013/06/persun-mall-summer-giveaway.html

    I hope you'll join my giveaway, your entries really make me sooo happy! Good luck :)

  5. btw I follow your blog via Bloglovin :) nice blog you have here :D

  6. eh kok isinya vaseline semua ya......
    ya elah beginian mah bisa beli di toko-toko terdekat kesayangan anda..


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