by - July 06, 2013

Actually I have reviewed about the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in April 2013 (you can see the swatch & review here) but at that time, I only own one color from Colorburst Lip Butter line. Because I love it very much, I bought another shades. The first shade I got is the beautiful red 035 Candy Apple, then I bought the pretty pink 090 Sweet Tart, and the gorgeous peony 075 Lollipop! Yup, today I'm going to review and swatch all of them! :)

 I love the lip butters because they're really moisturizing my lips, yet have gorgeous colors, really opaque and buildable. Because my lips are pale and always dry, I always go for tinted lip balms, but the colors of the tinted lip balms are not as opaque as these lip butters! I've been obsessed with the lip butters, its like they're perfectly made for me hahahaha. And they're cheap!! Only IDR 80.000 (USD 8.00) if I'm not wrong, and you can find them on every Revlon counters. They go really smooth when you apply them on your lips, because the texture is soft, smooth, and so creamy! It leaves a glossy look, but if you want to make an extra glossy look, you can add clear lipgloss on top of it.
 (with flash)
 (without flash)

(Bare lips/no lipbalm or whatsoever) 

(035 - Candy Apple)

(090 - Sweet Tart)

(075 - Lollipop)

What is your favorite color?

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$
Repurchase: Again and again and again..

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  1. I've had Candy Apple, it's gorgeous. I've also recently used up Berry Smoothie which was beautiful as well! Now I'm using Red Velvet, which seems a bit too dark for me.

    1. I know right! the candy apple is really gorgeous..
      I'd like to try the Berry Smoothie :)

  2. candy apple warnay cakep yah <3

  3. Hello again! :) These look pretty! I decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here: Also, going to follow your blog now, hope you follow me back <3

  4. Yuuup candy apple love it!! Tapi saya selalu kehabisan kalo ingin beli..

  5. How is that your lips looks so smooth and all?! (Sorry, no creeping intended).
    Sweet Tart is such a pretty color! I got one few weeks ago but it broke:(

    1. Sweet tart is also my favorite!! too bad that yours broke :(
      I always apply generous coats of lipbalm before i go to bed, and scrub my lips in the morning (but not every single day).. I would never forget to apply lipbalm before bed, so i think thats why :)


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