by - July 03, 2013

Just a quick update about my hair.. I haven't cut it since,... errr,... I think the last time I cut my hair was February, its been 5 months already, I'm keeping it long!
And about my bangs, actually I have never had longer bangs than I have right now, I usually just keeping them straight until they reached my eyebrows, or sideswept, but I have never have them this long, I always hate it when my fringe is touching my eyes, so I always tie them up when I'm at house.

About the color, I used to dyed it with Liese Bubble Hair Color in Cassis Berry, my hair should be colored Orangey-Red but it turned out to be dark mahogany color. I don't really mind, the color still look good on me though (positive thought). I'm thinking to color my hair with lighter color, what do you think?

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