by - December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas guys! Wishing you a wonderful, cheerful, joyful christmas this year! :)

Last week I tried a bubble hair color, but I haven't got time to review it yet.. So here I am with Liese Bubble hair color in Cassis Berry. If you feel like coloring your hair by yourself, why not try bubble hair color instead of other forms of hair dye? Its really fun and easy to use, even for beginner!

Bubble hair dye technique is really interesting, you only have to apply it onto your hair and massage it, just like you're shampoo-ing. I chose Cassis Berry because it looks great, kind of pink-red-orangey. I might use this product every 3 months to touch up the roots.

And please, do not mind the resolution of the pictures, I took them with my iPhone camera and I didn't use my DSLR.

The good thing is, the instruction is also written in English! All you have to do is put the first solution into the second solution (which is in big bottle) and turn the bottle upside down for a few times gently. 

Its how the result will come out, the shade is depending on your own hair color.

So this is the first solution I was talking about.

And this one is the second solution.
Once you open the white cap, you have to use the solution, or it will be wasted. And the product is for one time use only, you cannot save the solution for some day later. After you mix the two solutions together, put the white cap again and turn the bottle upside down for 5 times, and remember to do it gently, then you can replace the cap with the pink cap. 

The third solution! Use this after you have finished dyeing your hair, shampooing and conditioning. Apply it when your hair still damp.

So this is how the two solutions being mixed up together. Replace the white cap with pink cap. Squeeze the bottle to get the foam out.

Apply the foam all over your hair for 30-60 minutes. After that rinse your hair and apply conditioner generously.


Well, today there will be no cute poses or something. Just a real picture of before and after hair dyeing process. The color came out pretty good, actually better than I expected, even though I don't see pink or red tint on my hair, only brown-orangey color.

Alright, my hair was messy, I don't even care for brushing my hair before took those pictures. But I feel like trying all the shades, because the result is pretty good I guess? Hehehe. Talk to you guys soon!


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  1. such a nice review..
    i hope someday i will have courage to dye my hair.. and using this bubble hair colour, it does look so easy, even for beginner *like me* :D

    Merry Christmas, Jes ^^

  2. oh, its not a berry, but just a dark brown ~o~
    thx for reviewing~

  3. Liese bubble hair color calsses cassies berry is Shown on the post her. Read all about it


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