I Found Solace in Bandung (ft. Ivory by Ayola)

by - November 04, 2017

I've been extremely busy with work thus I didn't post anything last month, but this post deserves to be shared on my blog because as you guys probably know, I decided to dedicate this blog not only for lifestyle and beauty but also my trips. And very recently I went to Bandung for a short getaway with my family. It was only a short trip on the weekend, but when you spend time with your loved ones everything seems memorable, right?

I was actually a little bit mystified couple weeks ago because I knew nothing about hotels in Bandung so I didn't know which hotel to choose. I usually go with my friends but we always stay at villas because we travel in a big group (around 20 people), and I had to stay in completely different place, obviously! At first, I thought I should've just booked two separate rooms, one for my parents, and another one for me and my sisters. On the other hand, I want the trip to be more intimate as we were just going to spend approximately only two days together, and thankfully I found Ivory by Ayola.

The hotel has a family room that fits all of us! Ivory by Ayola is rather new, so the whole building and furniture are all in perfect condition. I was quite surprised when I reached the room. First of all, it's a 3-star hotel and the family room was under 1 million per night but once I entered the room, it totally exceeded my expectations! The room was spacious, there are so many spaces to store bags and luggage for a whole family, and the amenities provided are intact.

It feels like a 5-star hotel so it's definitely value for money! The location of the hotel cannot be more perfect, it's close to the city center, but not too close from all the noise. We could easily go to attraction places, restaurants, and obviously fashion stores because shopping is always on the list when you go to Bandung, right? Yeah, I'm looking at you, shopaholic Jakartans!

The Everjoy Cafe is a perfect place to start an eventful day, I was always looking forward to breakfast because they have quite a number of selections of Indonesian food, not only that they also serve pasta, cereal, and bread every morning. I had their aglio olio when I stayed and I think it deserves more recognition!

The ambiance of the cafe is also nice, I could imagine myself doing some work or lunch meeting here. More seats are available outdoor for those who like the breeze.

The staff gave me some coupons redeemable to beverages of my choice, so I got myself watermelon juice and latte for mom. How nice of them!

You could also enjoy some welcome drinks if you booked through hotel website directly, and get 15% off if you use the promo code: 'IVORY'.

I can say that Ivory Hotel is the perfect place if you want to have a short trip like I did, a weekend shopping spree perhaps? Or family-visit to Trans Studio, Farmhouse Susu Lembang, Dusun Bambu, Floating Market, or probably the hottest place to visit in 2017: Chinatown, which is only a 10-15 minutes drive from the hotel. The rooms are perfect for family with children too because you don't have to book for two separate rooms :)

All in all, my short vacation in Bandung was definitely a nice trip, and I'm looking forward to my next getaway!

Ivory by Ayola
Jl. Bahureksa No.3 Bandung 40115, West Java, Indonesia
Tel: 62-22-4203999

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