Dining at Gastromaquia for Ramadan

by - May 14, 2017

Ramadan month is coming, and what's better than looking for restaurants to break the fasts with your family and friends? ;) I recently went to Gastromaquia, Jakarta Selatan to try their special food selection that is only available during the Ramadan month.

The place is surely nice and cozy, a great place for you to hang out and spend time with your beloved, whether in small group or big reunion/gathering. Anyhoo, let's just jump right into the foodssss!
Arroz Negro - 95k++
Calamari, prawns, rice, green pepper, squid ink

The rice is all black because of the squid ink, a very unique taste indeed! I liked it more than I thought I would, however the squid ink will leave black stain on your teeth, so make sure to clean 'em up after you eat :D

Aglio Olio with Crispy Calamary - 68k++
Pasta, olive oil, chilli flakes, beef bacon, calamari

The aglio olio is my favorite menu of all items! The pasta is al dente, the seafood is all fresh too.

 Acehnese Chicken Curry - 75k++
Chicken curry served with canai bread

For those of you who's probably allergic to seafood, or prefer local foods, then you might want to try this chicken curry. The chicken is tender and curry is nice also. It's served in traditional looking bowl. however the rice is a bit too dry, and I just hope that they serve the rice on a plate. You should ask for additional plate if you ordered this.

Sate Maranggi - 75k++
Beef satay served with white rice

The maranggi satay would be an exquisite dish if only the beef is much tender, but the taste is indeed savory, especially if you like spicy food because it's served with chilli on the side.

Overall, I liked most of the foods served at Gastromaquia, especially the special menu for Ramadan month, not to mention that the price is affordable and you'll be getting takjil to break the fast :)

Jl. Ciniru I No.1
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Reservation: (021) 29305091

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