Review: VOV All Day Strong Eye & Lip Color

by - February 13, 2017

 A Korean brand called VOV just recently launched new products called All Day Strong Eye Color and All Day Strong Lip Color. This range comes in twist crayon packaging, with the shade color on the bottom. Both eye color and lip color have the same formulation, so they're pretty much the same in terms of pigmentation, texture, staying power, and also price! These are sold at IDR 175,000 each. The only difference is most of the eye color have shimmer, where the lip colors are all matte.
I got 3 All Day Strong Eye Color shades out of 7: (from top to bottom)

BR 801 Brown Killer
Warm dark brown with shimmer

PP 401 Purple Rising
Dark purple with shimmer

BR 802 Nude Foundation
Matte neutral light brown

As for the lip color, I have 2 out of 7 shades: (from top to bottom)

OR 202 Coralster
Pinky coral

OR 201 Peach Dream
Peachy orange

The texture is matte, but non-drying, and it's very creamy so it won't drag your skin or look patchy on the lips/eyelid. I like that the tip is not too skinny and too chubby, it's the perfect size to apply it on the eyelid/lips. Not to mention that they're very multifunction as well. The lip color can be used for lips and cheeks, and the eye color can be used as contour and highlight, just like what I did on this look!

On my eyes:
Nude Foundation - all over the lid
Brown Killer - outer V
Purple Rising - bottom lash line

On my face:
Nude Foundation - as contour (cheek, nose, forehead & jawline)
Coralster - as blusher

On my lips:
Peach Dream - all over lips
Coralster - inner part of the lips (to create ombre effect)
All in all, I really like all the products because I handpicked them myself haha, they're very easy to use, especially on lazy days when you only spend 5-10 minutes to do your makeup. You can get your VOV All Day Strong Eye Color & Lip Color at VOV counters nearby.

These products also inspired me to do Makeup & Hair on Lazy Days tutorial where I didn't use any makeup brush! Check out the video here and tell me what you think :)

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  1. Racyuuunnn tidaaaakkkk >3<
    Kayaknya enak ini daripada Play 101 ya. Play 101 punyaku too drying walaupun dipakai di pipi, sampai sakit ngeblendnya.

    1. etude house ya? belum pernah coba sih..
      tapi ini creamy, jadi gampang di blend :D

  2. Wow nice review.. Belum pernah cobain brand vov. Cocok banget ini di pake buat makeup2 natural sehari hari.

    1. kalo bosen sama makeup korea yang terlalu cute atau natural bisa cobain VOV, warnanya lebih berani gitu :D

  3. no makeup makeup ya jeungggg cantik banget, vov emang banyakan natural ya :D

  4. Duh praktis bener. Pengen nyobain jadinya

  5. "no makeup" makeup kamu keren banget, keliatan fresh dan cantik banget <3 jadi keracunan kan :(

  6. Waaa sukaaa gemes sama pekejingnyaa *.*

  7. hai jess!
    lucu banget yang peach dream. jadi kepengen xD


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