Review: The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette

by - February 07, 2017

I will always fond of The Body Shop, because it was one of the brands that get me to start blogging in the first place. If you looked through my older posts, you'll see me reviewing The Body Shop products everywhere, even my first post was about Tea Tree Facial Wash, how time flies! The reason why I like The Body Shop in the first place is because I can easily find their products, and of course their natural ingredients and cruelty-free products!

But the thing is, I used only TBS skincare products, I rarely buy anything from their makeup line, because they're all about natural, so the makeup usually doesn't come out as great as I thought. But as years go by, they improve their makeup line, they added colourful lipsticks, more colours on eyeshadow, including this Down To Earth Eye Palette!
The colours are mixed with warm and cool tones, the eye palette has 2 matte shades (outer left column), and the other 6 shades are shimmer shadows. They're more on the lighter tones, all about natural, but these are the kind of colours I would wear everyday, as you know I rarely go out of my comfort zone, I only wear nude/brown shadows.
Left: top row | Right: bottom row

Apparently, the colour payoff was better than I expected, kindly note that I didn't use any primer so swatch the shades. They're quite pigmented and long-lasting, however the shimmer eyeshadows has better pigmentation than the matte ones, but you can build up the colour if you want.

Overall, I was really pleased with the quality of the shadows, not to mention that the size of each shade is pretty huge! I don't think I could finish this palette any time soon, even if I use them daily. The texture of the eyeshadow is smooth and not chalky, because the glitters on the shimmer shadows are so fine. Clean fingers or eyeshadow brushes will work great to apply them.
Here is one of the look I created with Down To Earth eye palette.
What do you think of this look?

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  1. Kak jess agak pricey nggak sih ini esedo TBS hehe. Nice review

    1. kalo menurut aku sih dibanding beli single eyeshadownya worth banget beli ini soalnya ini ukuran gedeeee banget dan ada 8 warna! :D

  2. nice reviwe sissy! tapi agak pricey yaaah hehehe apalagi udah mulai banyak bgt eyeshadow murah yg bersaing kualitasnya

    Btw Today i’m gonna review Rollover Reaction in Umma!! Yeayy!
    Let's check link below yaa :D thx

    1. hehehe iya banyak yang lebih murah, tapi ingredientsnya beda kali ya, kalo TBS kan selalu menjunjung tinggi natural ingredients gitu, mgkn karena itu lebih mahal ya..

      dulu pernah coba single eyeshadownya si TBS sih, terus waktu cobain ini pertama kali makanya gak expect banyak, ternyata hasilnya bagus banget :D


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