Where Do I Get My Hair Treated, Cut, and Coloured?

by - December 01, 2016

Us girls like to pamper ourselves from time to time, and so do I! I usually get my hair treated on weekends when I'm free. And lately I've been going back and forth to this particular place to keep my hair in its best condition, Irwan Team Hair Design.

I'm the type of person who don't like people messing with my hair, because hair is magical for me. Hair is everything, you change one thing about your hair, and it definitely changes your whole damn look. And that's why I only trust my hair in the hands of professionals, because if I want a change, I better get a good change.
 For my hair and scalp, I usually get the Kerastase treatment, you can actually get either one of them, but as perfectionist as I already am, I prefer to get both treated and maintained. Besides, I'd get a relaxing hot stone massage for my legs, feet, hand, shoulder, and back.
 I do this treatment at least once a month to get the best result. I would definitely recommend everyone to try it!
Other than that, I also got my hair cut recently by Sugi at Irwan Team Lippo Mall Puri, which is very close to my house! And this was how my hair looks like before, my boring, flat, straight hair. I discussed with the hairstylist before of how I want it a little bit shorter and voluminous, and this is how Sugi came up with:
 I definitely love how it turned out! It's now easier for me to style my hair because it's now layered at the bottom without me having to get rid of my thick hair. The picture above was taken last week when I retouched my hair at Irwan Team PIK Avenue, their newest branch!
 Irwan Team always uses the best products to service their clients, here I used L'Oreal to dye my hair. I love how it looks now, it cancelled out the yellowish tone I had before and make it more brown like how I prefer. As you guys already know, I'm a total old-fashion in hair colour category, I never dare myself to have my hair coloured in other colours but brown.
So what do you think of my hair makeover (haircut + colouring)?

 J E S S I E 

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