Review: Odbo Vitamin C Essential Brightening Mask

by - April 09, 2016

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates for the past weeks, if you guys follow me on twitter or instagram then you must have known already that I went on an adventure to Taiwan. I needed a little bit of time to ease my mind from work and my daily routine, but I'm back to drown you with stuffs I got back from Taiwan, for now just sit back and relax! :D

But anyway, let me introduce you to Odbo Vitamin C Essential Brightening Mask! Though I didn't buy it in Taiwan per se, I constantly use this mask when I traveled. I'm the messy kind of girl, so I need everything to be practical, I never bring lots of makeup and skincare when I travel, I only bring things that I know I would definitely use. And because I traveled for about 9 days, I needed to bring my face mask along with me, to pamper myself and also to keep my skin hydrated in cold weather.
The reason I brought this mask instead of other type of face masks is because sheet mask is the most convenient, I didn't have to worry about it spilling over the tube or jar, and I could easily throw it away once I'm done.

Odbo is a premium cosmetic brand from South Korea, but I'm not sure whether it has offline store in Indonesia, because I got these masks from my favorite online store Miss Lie Collection, who always carry great products in affordable price :)
Odbo Vitamin C Essential Brightening Mask is formulated for skin brightening and soothing. And I know I need those functions, because who wants a dull looking skin anyway? And my skin tends to get oilier than it should be if it's not well hydrated.
When the weather got chilly (around 10 degree), my skin felt so dry, it was making me uncomfortable. I quickly grabbed the mask and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before bed to make sure my skin got enough hydration! It also helps to brighten my skin, so I didn't have to worry about getting darker when I traveled. I've been using this mask for the past few weeks, and I saw my skin is getting slightly brighter after each use. If you're someone who is up for brighter skin, you might want to try this mask and use it twice a week for better result :D And I definitely recommend you to bring this when traveling!
If you're interested to try this mask, feel free to check it out on Miss Lie Collection website! They also have hundreds original, ready stock products available :) Don't forget to quote 'BEAUTYAPPETITE' for free shipping (Indonesia only).

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  1. Great reveiw
    Thanks for the test!
    Never tried it before.
    Wish you a fab weekend!

  2. Odbo?? keknya pernah denger deh.. hemmm.. mirip nggak sich sama merek liptick odbo yang kecil banget itu.. yang bentuknya kek buah cherry?? *nanyanya serius* wkwkwkwkwkwk..

    Paling adem tuh jess wajah dipakein mask sheet..

    1. HAHAHAH iyaa, cuma ga tau itu produk asli atau palsu-nya Odbo...
      Soalnya setau aku Odbo itu premium brand, sedangkan lip tint yang dijual di Indonesia tuh murah banget *curiga*


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