NTC Tour Jakarta 2016

by - April 26, 2016

My fellow Clozette Ambassadors and I went to NTC Tour Jakarta 2016 last week. It's an annual event that is held all over the globe, and it was the second time held in Jakarta. There were thousands of female training together at the same time. The venue hall, Balai Kartini was packed of stylish women who are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Nike Training Club is a global fitness community of girls driven by self-expression in movement and training. It embodies Nike’s commitment to inspire and enable female athletes through its products, services and experiences. (Source from here)
There were four out of six trainings that we could choose from, and I chose dance, run, yoga, and strength trainings for five hours! It was so fun to be able to train with my friends, and get to know new people who are interested in the same field as I do. The Nike trainers came from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia! :D
New Nike Free shoes were on display
I'm so gonna grab these next time :D
I really love how Nike can create not only comfortable shoes for exercise, but stylish at the same time!
Nike team really knows how to create an event for women, eh? They provided a storage for your baggage, small cafe, changing room (separated from toilets), and a beauty section! So before the event, I dropped by at the Beauty section to get my hair braided! Anyway, spot Ayu on the picture above ;p

Before our very first rotation together, we warmed up together. We were all drenched in sweat even before the first training, but surely it was fun. We all got about 15 minutes of break in between each rotations.
First Rotation: Dancing
It was a really fun session, especially to dance with your new friends!

Ina chose cycling instead of dancing, so make sure to check out her blog to know more about her cycling experience at NTC Tour :D
Second Rotation: Running
The most important thing about this event is to know our own limit, the committee kept reminding us not to push ourselves beyond our limit, we know our body better than anybody else. However, to prepare ourselves for this event, we all had joined the 6 weeks training before the D day. As for this training, they had 4 different tracks for 4 different speeds, if you think you could run fast, move on to the 'fast track', if not just get into the 'medium track'.
You could also compete with the others, in a good way of course! :)

Third Rotation: Yoga
It is also an important thing to get the right exercise at the right time. As for me, it's all about timing. Since I chose dancing and running for the first two exercise, I decided to go yoga before another exercise, because it's more relaxing so I could gather more power for the last training!

Fourth Rotation: Strength
Last but not least, I got into big groups and we do workout together using props provided by NTC Tour committee.
It feels so good to accomplish something like this :)
I'm really satisfied to be able to join NTC Tour this year, I feel really empowered as a woman and it helps me to realise that healthy lifestyle isn't supposed to be a chore for us, turns out NTC Tour was so much fun!
See you on the next NTC Tour & other Nike events that you can check here - nike.com/jakarta !

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