by - March 27, 2015

What is it with men with British accent?
I started watching Sherlock last year and completely awed by every little things related to Britain, especially Benedict Cumberbatch. I know, I know, I'm always so late when it comes to good TV series... But it's better late than never. In my opinion, by far, Benedict Cumberbatch is the most suitable actor for Sherlock Holmes role, and the worst one would be Iron Man lol.

Then I watched The Imitation Game (just to watch Benedict and listen to his accent, because I'm too tired to wait for the next season of Sherlock), and it turned out to be SO. GOOD. you guys must watch it! I won't give you any details, because my sister Gabbie always hate it when I give her spoilers of movies or books, even the unimportant ones, she'll go mad and crazy for days :-S

Actually, there's nothing much going on in my life right now, except I had a new online store on Instagram called @flatsoever! I have huge addiction for shoes, so maybe I could also share my addiction to you guys heheheh. I'll be launching the proper website once I'm free, but for now feel free to drool over cutesy handmade flat shoes on FLATSOEVER :)

Soooo... What is it with men with British accent, huh?

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