Bangkok Day 1: Thonglor

by - March 08, 2015

As promised, here is my first Bangkok post! So we actually didn't do much on our first day there, because we took the evening flight (it was Chinese New Year so we had to go to our Granny and other relatives' houses first) and arrived at night.

My sister went from Bangsaen, Chonburi to Bangkok with some of her Thai friends. So we finally met at the hotel!! 8O We hurriedly checked in, unpacked our stuffs, got ready for dinner at Thonglor. Anyway, really sorry for the blurry pictures, was too lazy to bring my camera with me :(

To be honest, there are so many restaurants nearby from our hotel area, but I decided to have dinner at Thonglor since it was only one BTS station away from our place, and 'till the end we never had a chance to buy anything from restaurants near us hahahah :p

So these are just some of the foods that we got that night, we also got ice cream and shaved ice for dessert. Foods and drinks are really cheap, well actually prices vary by location, e.g. tourist destinations like Chatuchak Weekend Market or even Thonglor usually a little bit more expensive than other less touristy places.

I rarely post my friends/family photos, so here you go! :) This is Gabbie, the second child.

And this is my youngest sister Jenn, who I always force to take pictures for me! :p Aaaand, before you ask any question: 1) Yes, we all don't look like each other, people always think that we're friends, not siblings, 2) Yes, we all are tall. Jennifer is the tallest one if you're wondering, the shortest is Gabbie (she's only 170cm).

I just realised that the amount of mineral water that we consumed were a lot less than coconut water or orange juices or lime juices, etc... Food/drink stalls are everywhere, and they're only THB 20-40 so we couldn't resist. Exhibit A: photo above.

Well then, ciao for now...! I will post more pictures from the trip later.
This is my first travel log, so please excuse the minimum information hahah, if you need anything, you can contact me personally by email.

 J E S S I E 

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  1. hah! kapan lu pergi ke thailand? kok ga bilang sih :(
    seru banget ya kayaknya.

    1. hahahah itu juga agak mendadak sih, karna pas lagi libur dan mau nengokin si Gabbie aja :p


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