Monday Funday

by - August 18, 2014

Here are some random facts about me:

  • Benji Madden from Good Charlotte is my first love since primary school
  • I love my miniature schnauzer, Franklin to the core. He's the cutest!!!
  • I adore Luanna Perez's style
  • I am adaptable
  • I always get stared at every time I go out with my high-heeled shoes on
  • I am a Honda person
  • I'm not a sensitive person
  • I want to be a flight attendant
  • I enjoy spending time with my family the most
  • I prefer using magic trackpad to magic mouse
  • I am an Apple fangirl
  • I like watching The Walking Dead with my Mom
  • I learned English mostly by playing video games when I was a little kid
  • I most frequently listen to pop rock bands
  • I love to go to the beach
  • I'm picky about food
  • I'm a Christian and I read bible from my phone every single day
  • But I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten to high school
  • My favorite superhero is Batman
  • I love traveling to Malaysia
  • I am skinny but I eat more than a curvy girl, I guess I just have high metabolism (?)

Heheheh, that's all for now! I hope y'all know me a little bit better now! :D

 J E S S I E 

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