Review: Sugarpot Matcha Sugar Kit

by - July 17, 2014

I know that you must've heard this thousand of times, but 'Beauty is pain' is quite true. Beauty is something that we earn, it's not something that can be earned easily. Facial is painful, but we still do it twice a month. And same thing as our face, we hurt ourselves to get soft and smooth body.

Plucking, shaving, waxing, threading, laser, etc etc etc, women do painful stuffs to remove their body hair. I do too, because I think proper amount of hair is better than whole lots of hair and unfortunately I was born hairy so I have to do awful things to remove my body hair and so far, my favorite hair removal treatment is waxing.

What is sugar waxing:
Sugar waxing is the ancient art of hair removal and is performed using a thick gel consisting of sugar, lemon and water. Sugar wax takes the entire hair and root with it. Sugar wax is water-soluble, means that it cannot tear our skin. It removes our hair while exfoliation the already dead skin cells, leaving soft, smooth, exfoliated skin. Sugarpot can be used for facial hair, body hair, and bikini line.

About Sugarpot:
Sugarpot's ingredients are made from high quality ingredients (mostly imported), all naturals, and safe. There is no dangerous chemicals added in the wax.

Sugarpot has been selling sugar wax since 2012, they're trusted and the products are high quality too! They provide infused sugar wax, which is cool!! They have green tea, chocolate, pure honey, milky strawberry, and the newest one, matcha. You could buy a wax kit that comes with a sugar jar, 12 strips and 2 spatula or you could also buy the sugar jar and strips/spatula separately. Check their products here.

Sugarpot can be used without heated first, I've tried both ways, heated and non-heated but I prefer to use the wax after it's being heated because it gives a better result, and easier to use. You can use the wax directly from the jar without heat it first, the wax will be extremely sticky but it works fine. If you want to heat the wax, open both of the lids before putting it into microwave for about 20 seconds.

I love that Sugarpot is all about environmental, because the ingredients of products are organic & natural and the strips are reusable too!! Plus it smells amazeballs!

How to use:
1. Clean up your skin and pat dry
2. Apply powder and spread it all over the skin.
3. Apply wax in the same direction of hair growth
4. Take strip and apply it in the same direction of hair growth
5. Rub over the strip a couple times for 10-15 seconds until it's firmly attached to the hair
6. Remove the strip as quickly as possible in the opposite direction of hair growth
7. Clean up your skin with soap and water, avoid hot bath for 1x24 hours

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Not only waxing removes unwanted hair in short period of time, the result is always remarkable heheh, leaving my skin soft, silky and smooth! It's really easy to use, and it removes unwanted hair from the root, so new hair won't grow back for 4-6 weeks.

The pain is not something unbearable, or maybe it's just that I have high pain tolerance (?), but seriously as you can see on the picture above, my skin didn't look red at all. I highly recommend Sugarpot Wax for those who like waxing, and those who never tried waxing before, trust me the result is a whoooole loooot better than shaving ;)

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  1. I have tried this before, it's so practical that we can do sugaring at home nowadays. But I couldn't handle the pain :( So I'm still stick with depilatories until now.


  2. kan gua bilang juga apa..
    ga sakit tohhh! :p
    nice review kakaqh cuantikh <3 :p


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