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I was invited to the launching of Citra Wakame and Citra Pink Orchid at Hotel Morrissey. I was excited about their new products, because if you’re Indonesian then ‘Citra’ is not something new for you since Citra is one of the biggest skin and body care brand in Indonesia.

Citra Wakame comes in two forms, gel lotion and lightening serum. This innovation was adapted to climate change, because of temperature rise each year. Furthermore, modern women’s lifestyle has changed, now women not only act as housewives but also working outside the house, and the number of hijab users in Indonesia is also increasing. So us women need something to protect our skin from UV when we’re out and to lighten up our skin as well. But let’s just be honest here, applying lotion in a hot and humid day is burdensome, especially for hijab users, because the lotion will be all sticky so we have to wait for several minutes to let the lotion absorbs into our skin.

If you experienced the same thing as most women do, then don’t worry because we won’t be having that kind of problem anymore! Citra Wakame, using water-based technology, is made in gel lotion form, which will absorb to your skin faster than normal body lotion, without leaving any sticky feeling to your skin. Wakame is natural seaweed from Japan, which contain essential nutrients like vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and Hyaluronic acid to maintain skin elasticity.

A quick demo from Citra, the invitees was told to apply Citra Wakame gel lotion on one hand and apply other brand's lotion on the other hand then dipped both of our hands in the sand and see the difference afterwards.

Left: X brand   |   Right: Citra

As you can see from the picture above, the X brand still had sand on my hand, this signify that the X brand needs quite sometime until it absorbs to the skin really well, I tried to remove the sand on my left hand but it was really frustrating since my left hand was really sticky!!

Another innovation from Citra is the Citra Pink Orchid face wash and moisturizer to brighten up our face! Rest assured that this face wash and moisturizer won’t make your face look pale white like other whitening products do, but will give a natural flushed to your face.

Essential goodness of pink orchid from Korea is well known as an inhibitor of melanin formation, thereby providing enlightening effect on the skin, rich mineral that occurs naturally in the skin such as zinc, magnesium and copper. The moisturizer soaks into the skin really fast and the great thing is it has matte finish, so your face won’t look shiny and greasy all day!

So which product are you interested the most? :)

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