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I've finally tried these infamous pair of shampoo and conditioner from Mane 'N Tail. They have several types of shampoo and conditioner: Original (for all hair types), Deep Moisturizing (for dry hair), Gentle Clarifying (for volumizing), Color Protect (to protect hair color), and Daily Control (anti dandruff). I have dry hair because I like to color my hair and also style my hair using straightener or curling iron so I chose to try out the Deep Moisturizing ones!

I actually didn't know the first time I tried this shampoo and conditioner that they are specifically made for horses until my best friend Santi told me. I thought the horses reflection is the logo hahahah!! I'm pretty sure If I knew it before I got these, I'd be a little bit sceptic at first,... But since I have already tried the shampoo and conditioner, and love them and I got no problem after using them so I didn't judge them, not even a little bit. I mean horses are pretty, right? I heard celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian use Mane 'N Tail too!

Mane 'N Tail comes in huge bottle with 355ml of product each that will last you for a really long time! Fortunately, you can also buy them in smaller bottles (100 ml each) at Miss Lie Collection so you can try them first before committing to big bottles :) Even the small bottles last for a long time, I wash my hair once every two days and they last me for about two months.

I really wish I could took picture every month while I'm using these shampoo and conditioner, because they are supposed to make your hair grow faster, and because I'm tall it's hard to recognize my hair growth day-by-day (for example: it takes longer time for me rather than a shorter girl to grow out hair until it reaches our waist), that's why I cannot say much about my hair growth, but I really love how these products make my hair looks shiny, I could see the difference only on the first couple of weeks!




My hair look so dark in the first week because I just dyed my hair to black. Can't you notice that these products give my hair extra shine? It looks a lot healthier. I didn't use any hair care product besides these two for the sake of the review. I always wash my hair with warm water to remove dirt and oil then rinse my hair with cool water to give it shine.

What I love the most about the shampoo is when I wash my hair and rinse it off, I feel that it deep cleanse my hair and my scalp thoroughly! I've never experienced anything like that with other shampoo before, and I really love the squeaky clean feeling.

And I also love the conditioner, because it doesn't feel slippery and greasy like other kind of conditioners that I've ever tried in my life! It helps to maintain my hair and also protect it from damage, I also notice that I don't have split ends as much as I used to.

Overall, I really enjoy using Mane 'N Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner for giving my hair shine and making my hair grow faster. As I told you earlier, if you want to try it out first you can get smaller bottles for share. For maximum result I recommend you to buy both of the shampoo and conditioner. You can get original products of Mane 'N Tail and other ready stock cosmetics at Miss Lie Collection.


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