by - June 12, 2014

I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for you guys who had came to Kiehl's event with me!! I was really excited to meet you guys and I'm so glad to finally met you guys in person. I really appreciate to those who already sent me the RSVP and actually came, I hope you learned something in this event and also had fun :) And also thanks to Kiehl's who made this happened, especially Irma (Brand Manager Kiehl's) & Galuh, because I'm absolutely nothing without their amazing help!! I am beyond thankful *happy tears*

The event took place at their first ever Kiehl's boutique in Jakarta, Mall Kelapa Gading 2. The main topic in the event was their infamous Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution Serum that I also had been using for the last couple of months, you can read the progress of me using that product here. So basically we learned how to get clearer and brighter skin, because dull skin, hyper pigmentation and also dark spots are some of our main concerns, am I right?

Thank you for your time & effort to come to this event! :)

I was so happy to see all of you really excited to get skin consultation and asked the KCR which Kiehl's products suit your skin best. After all we are just girls who care about our skins, because skin is our investment hahah!

Some beautiful faces that I took pictures with:

I also took a pic with Jesan, one of Kiehl's ambassador. I recognized his face because I saw his photos all over Kiehl's website and facebook page, he's super friendly too! ;)

Found this polaroid photos of Kiehl's customers... Spot ME!!

I hope I can see you guys in another event!! :D
If you also want to be a part of Kiehl's event, make sure to follow their social medias so you won't miss any update. There is another event coming soon, if you're interested go check their tweet here!

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