by - May 17, 2013

Make up base is important to use before applying make up, make up base works as the barrier between your skin and make up, it also corrects your skin tone and makes your foundation last longer. Lovely Me: Ex Make Up Base from The Face Shop comes in two colors: green and violet. The green one is for people who has reddish skin, pimple or acne scars (green color helps to reduce the redness on your face), on the other hand the purple one is for people who has dull and yellowish skin. I got mine the purple one, because I have yellowish skin and this helps me to lighten my complexion.

The packaging comes in silver tube, very simple yet flirty with the lollipop and hearts prints. The size is 40ml which is pretty big, because I only have to use a squirt or two for all over my face, it will last me a pretty long time. Unfortunately everything is written in Korea.

Please don't think that after you apply this on your face, then you will look violet, the color only help to corrects the yellowish color and makes it lighter. It also creates such a smooth canvas for you to do make up, nice eh? The consistency is watery and smells good too.
This make up base is perfect for oily/combination skin, because it also has oil control. It does a pretty good job to brighten up my face. Do not use too much for everyday use though, it has a good coverage, if you use the base too much, plus adding up with your foundation, you end up with heavy make up (unless you prefer heavy make up). The good thing is it will last all day long, me likey!

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$$$$
Size: 40ml
Repurchase: Yes

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  1. heii..
    after reading your post about this make up base, i thought this good for me, i have a oil skin :)

    have a bless day!


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