by - May 10, 2013

I'm back with another tutorial! Today we're going to do silver eye makeup :)

1. Prime your eyelids!
2. I'm using silver cream eyeshadow as the base, so the color will pop out more

3. Use light grey on your upper lids, then blend it
4. Then use dark grey all over your lids, blend the color with the light grey

5. Apply black eyeshadow on top of your upper lash-line, blend well
6. Use light grey to your bottom lash-line and tear-duct, so the color will not be top heavy!

7. This is optional, but I prefer to use silver glitter on my bottom lash-line
8. Use black eyeliner, but don't apply too much, we want the silver color to pop out more, curl your lashes, and apply lots of mascara.. We're DONE!!

So this is the final look for the Silver Eye Makeup.. It looks great for date night, party, or prom. Eye makeup that you can do by yourself in minutes! :)

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  1. i like it!! :) btw i have put your blog in my beauty blog list. <3

  2. thanks for the tutorial.. love it as always :)


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