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During 25 years, Sariayu Color Trend appears consistently by bringing natural richness and Indonesian culture. Sariayu presents Eye Shadow Palette that consists of 25 best choice colors of Sariayu Color Trend Collection.

First post about Indonesia beauty product. And I promise you, this is a really good product! If you still remember my Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup Look, you'll know that my friend insisted me to buy some palette and I couldn't resist the beautiful and gorgeous colors inside it and bought it right away? That palette is: Sariayu 25th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette.

Lots of colors, lots of pictures, LOL just want to warn you first ;)

The packaging is hard cardboard, you have to flip the cover to open, its easy to be inadvertently opened so I wouldn't say that its travel friendly. And inside it, there's small mirror which is not enough for me, but its better than nothing and two applicators. Even though the applicators are useless, I won't complain because the price of the palette is only about $22.00!!!

There are 25 colors inside the palette, 23 of them is shimmer eyeshadows and the last 2 are cream shadows. You can play with the colors, there are so many different gorgeous colors. Of course they're all gorgeous, they're 25 best choice colors of asian women!!! The colors are pigmented, but some are more opaque than the others.

 (without flash)

(with flash)

And here is the swatches of the 25 colors:

They're amazing right? I feel sorry for myself that I never try Indonesia beauty products sooner, the quality is really great and stay on your eyelids all day long even without eye primer!
So if you're living in Indonesia, you should get this palette and don't end up like me feeling disappointed with my own self.

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$
SizeL 62.5g

Let's play with colors together!

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  1. aaaaa aku udah pengen banget beli ini dari duluuu tp malah beli sleek mulu -____- oke bulan depan harus beli ini! thanks for the review :D
    following you now :)

  2. Aku juga beli ini setahunan lalu, diawali dengan tragedi berdarah #halah XD baru deh dapatkan ini palette~

    Overall suka banget! Sayang aja shimmer semua yak~ XD jadi agak2 bling2 gitu kalau dipakai siang hari << tapi tetep aja pakai siang hari pas jemput anak sekolah LOL


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