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I know a lot of people who say that they cannot wear makeup because if they wear makeup, they will get acne, blackhead, zits. The more makeup they use, the more zits they get. And they blame makeup for that.

I just want to clarify one thing, the one who you should blame for is not makeup, but yourself. You don't use fake makeup products, or you use high end makeup products, or you have tons of skincare, but you cannot get rid the acne, and you still don't understand why, here I give you the answer..

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YES! Its about cleaning your face!
You wear a lot of makeup, so you will spend a lot of time to remove it. Some people are lazy to remove their makeup at night, some people think they have cleaned their face clearly, but actually they haven't. If you neglect your face, no wonder zits will come out.

I always spend much time to remove makeup and clean my face. Because I have to make sure that my face is absolutely clean, not just looks clean. I also have so so many steps to clean my face, beside my skin care routine..

After I got back home, I will clean my hands first, because I don't want to touch my face with dirty hands/fingers. Then, I will use wet facial tissue to clean my whole face, except the eyes area. After that, I use cotton and facial cleanser, again to clean my whole face except the eyes area that the wet facial tissue can't reach. About the eyes area, I'm using makeup remover to remove the makeup. I will wash my face with facial wash with lukewarm water, and pat (not rub) my face with towel. And before I do my skin care routine, I also use milk and toner to clean my face, to make sure there's no makeup left on my face, then I can continue to do my skin care routine.

A lot of things to do, so much time to spend, but really worth that you don't have to feel uneasy about zits that usually come up the next day you wear makeup (beside if you're in period, because that is hormonal that acne will come up). I hope this post helps you to stop wondering why you cannot use makeup. And lets play with makeup more! :)

Have a great weekend!
Let's talk again soon!

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  1. I have awful skin but since adopting a goid skin regime it's defo improved. I baby wipe off my make up (other wipes irritate my skin), then use a LUSH skin cleanser then body shop toner. Then put on my witch stuck and a seaweed serum from body shop.
    I also only use lush products on my hair to minimise spots around my hair line

  2. i always spend much time to remove my makeup, but lately i got acne and nothing can help it sadly...

  3. aww nice post!
    I don't use make up though, thx for sharing! I'm trying to not use make up so much (hopefully in the future) by using nice skincare so I could maintain a good skin hehehe :P

  4. Wow, a lot of steps u do.
    I my self usually just use 2in1 cleanser or milk+toner and eye lip remover every after I get home.
    I'm pretty much lazier compared to u tee hee...

    baladapenulisamatir.blogspot .com


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