Strolling Around Old Phuket Town

by - September 10, 2020

I know this is a super long overdue post, but I really want to write it anyway. Since we all have been cooped up in our own houses for half a year already, I can't help but reminiscing my travels in the past few years. This is about my trip in Phuket, Thailand that I took in 2017, which I had talked about before in this post where I stayed at Kata Beach, but actually my trip didn't end there! I also went to Old Phuket Town and stayed there for one night.

Look at how happy and (naturally) tan I was! Now my skin looks so pale from being inside most of the time, totally missing the shiny Phuket!

So I took a taxi from Kata beach to Old Phuket Town, if I'm not wrong it took around THB 500. I was staying at The Tint at Phuket Town, which has very convenient location, walking distance to basically everywhere.

My room was quite spacious compared to the previous room I had at Kata beach.

The decor in every corner is very colorful and playful, so I got to take some shots ;)

The hotel staff recommended me a restaurant nearby called Lemongrass, and I went there for lunch. It only took me less than 5 min to get there by foot.

The place was quite empty when I went there, the food is okay.

After my late lunch, I took a stroll around the town. It really reminded me of Penang, with all the old buildings and stuffs.

Before going back to the hotel, I went to Phuket Indy Night Market, just because I love night markets in Thailand. The night market was very small compared to the ones in Bangkok, but that would do. There were more F&B stalls than fashion, but my sister got new pair of sneakers there.

Green soda — THB 25 | Coconut Slush — THB 30

Tornado potato — THB 20

Lots of tables to eat! We went there before dinnertime, so the place wasn't so crowded.

Takoyaki — THB 40 | Steak — THB 59

Mango sticky rice — THB 50

Last but not least, some mango sticky rice for my last night in Thailand. Now I'm really craving for some!

Most of the pictures I got here were taken with iPhone, that's why they all look raw, I didn't think that I'd post them on my blog, but here I am, writing how much I miss Thailand and wondering when I can fly back there.

But anyway, please stay safe and healthy everyone! We can get through this bad time, so hang in there! x

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