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by - January 25, 2016

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you must have known already that Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is my all time favourite foundation. It looks so good on photo and video, even for professionals who use massive lighting and flash.

Last year, I heard that MUFE released new and updated version of HD Foundation called Ultra HD Foundation, I was so intrigued yet worried that they change the formula too much and I would end up not liking it as much as the original version.

So when I was invited to attend the event last week, I didn't even think twice to say yes. I always have high hopes for MUFE, and so far I haven't found any product that I dislike, not even one. That's how much I love it, and I think I should start talking about MUFE more in this blog.
As always, they have gazillion different shades that you could choose from. I used to use the N125, but lately my skin tone is lighter so I use the 120=Y245 and it suits my skin tone very well.

I'm not going to do a complete review in this post, because I'm going to do a separate post for that, and also comparison between the original and new foundation. It's gonna be super long if I made it into one.
Tons of beauty addicts also come to this event, from professional makeup artists, beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, etc.
There are always new innovation in technology industry, so MUFE is also trying to keep up to innovate in beauty industry. The original HD Foundation came out when HD TV started trending. At the point that the image looks so rich and clear.

And now it's the year of 4K resolution screens! Technology is getting better and better each day, and so is makeup. This Ultra HD foundation from MUFE will make your skin as flawless as possible yet still look natural on the skin, so it won't look fake and cakey on 4K screens!
 You need Ultra HD complexion if you want to show up on Ultra HD resolution screen lol.
 Ririe, Kania, and me before the show started
 ...and another one ;p
So there were 5 famous celebrity make up artists that demonstrated the makeup look using Ultra HD Foundation on their own muses, and captured by Riomotret!

Rama Jee demonstrated his makeup on Ririn Ekawati.
Here are the results of all muses:
(Photos from Make Up For Ever)
All the makeup looks amazing, their skin looks flawless, didn't look cakey at all.
So, which look is your favourite? :)

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  1. Sounds like a great event.. :) wait for your next post about the review.. :)

    1. haha, please wait for it yaaa! i want to do a comparison with the old one :P

  2. Asik.. banget jess bisa dateng keacara 4K nya MUFE.. aku penasaran banget pingin punya Foundie nya MUFE, kalo seri yang lamanya sich katanya foundie MUFE cocok untuk yang kulit combie..
    Makanya jadi penasaran sama product barunya..

    1. aku cocok banget sama yang versi lama, yang baru ini bagus sih, tapi sedih karena gak bisa pake yang versi originalnya, aku lebih suka soalnya :(


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