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by - December 18, 2015

So last week I went to Veranda Restaurant, Kuningan to attend Marina event. They have new range of make up products called 'Smooth & Glow UV'. As far as I know, they launched 'Smooth & Glow' body lotion already early this year (or late last year), and now they have makeup products from BB Cream, Powdery Foundation, Two Way Cake, and Compact Powder! So many selection for everyone's preference :) The product range is enriched with natural micro-fine powder, vitamin C, mulberry, and SPF 20 PA ++ that make the face look smoother, blemish-free, bright, and protect the face so it can shine beautifully and naturally.
As always, I got to meet my beautiful blogger friends! Spot Rini, Elin, and Lisha :)
I love this tagline: Be You Own Kind of Beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's fairly subjective in my opinion, we all have different perception of beauty. And I think that's why Marina has different types of products launched at the same time :)
Another photo with my fellow Clozette Ambassador, Ina (who won the best dress that night!)
There was a makeup demonstration using Marina products by Vizzily

Smooth & Glow UV BB Cream

All of the products have three different shades: Ivory, Peach, and Natural. And they have SPF 20 PA++, which is good to use on daily basis. If you have light skin tone, go for the Ivory, and if you have dark skin tone, choose the Natural instead. If you're confused of what to choose, go for the Peach, which is kinda in between of those two shades.
The pigmentation of the BB Cream is amazing! I didn't expect it to be that good actually, since it's BB Cream anyway, right? The consistency is quite thick, but you don't need too much product for your face, it covers up blemishes so you don't really have to conceal it with concealer. I prefer to use the BB Cream using my fingers, but you can use brush, sponge, or beauty blender if you'd like.

Smooth & Glow UV Compact Powder

If you prefer dewy skin, you can go just by using the BB Cream alone. But since I have oily skin, and I prefer my skin to be fairly matte, I always use powder to top off the makeup base. Again, the Compact Powder has three shades: Ivory, Peach, and Natural. It comes with soft puff, but I prefer to use my powder brush because that's just how I like to roll hahah. Using powder brush is more efficient in my opinion :)
The Compact Powder keeps my face matte for couple of hours, so if you also have oily skin like mine, you'd like to blot throughout the day, or keep the powder in your handbag for touch ups.

Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake

If you need more coverage, instead of the Compact Powder, I recommend you to try the Two Way Cake, it's long lasting and gives more coverage than compact powder.
It also have separate compartment for the sponge, so it's totally hygienic as long as you keep cleaning the sponge every few weeks, or get new sponges if you want, they're quite affordable and can be purchased at department stores. And don't share your makeup tools (especially sponge) to anyone.

Smooth & Glow UV Powdery Foundation (Refill)

And lastly, the Powdery Foundation, which I like very much! These days, I fond of natural make up more, so I prefer powder foundation for daily use.
This pack is the refill one, that also come with a sponge. However, I use my Sigma Round Kabuki Brush (F82) to apply the Powdery Foundation, because it gives more flawless finish. It doesn't look cakey at all, though it doesn't give much coverage if you wear it alone. But I think that's what makes it good to use daily, whether if you're going to school/university or work.

All in all, you have to choose the right product of Marina Smooth & Glow UV for your skin and preference. You can mix the products or shades if you want, for example: use BB Cream in Ivory, and use Compact Powder in Peach.

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