Review: Oronine H Ointment

by - November 28, 2015

I'm not sure either you have ever heard about this product or not. Though Oronine H Ointment isn't that famous in Indonesia, it's a really popular balm in Japan!

It has plain balm packaging, but who cares on the outside, when you got a miraculous ointment! There are couple of different size, and I got mine in 30 g, I have been using this for a month, and I still got so much left! I'm sure this will last me for quite a long time, probably half a year or so.
Oronine H Ointment can be used for pimple, skin eruption, minor burns, chapped skin, frostbite, cuts, dry athlete's foot, ringworm, favus, etc. I mostly use it for pimple, redness and acne scars.

There aren't many shops that sell this balm, and you have to keep in mind that there are some shops who sell fake Oronine H Ointment. But you can find it at Miss Lie Collection, a trustee online shop since 2009. Quote "BEAUTYAPPETITE" while check out to get free shipping all over Indonesia.
The texture of the product is like a balm, it's much thicker than cream. It's hard to take the product just using finger, so I prefer to use a spatula instead, also for hygienic purpose. I won't recommend you to use this all over your face, but problematic areas only. I only apply it on my jaw areas, that has acne scars. Since the texture is really thick, I don't use it in the morning. Also note that you can't use this balm under makeup, so I suggest you to use this balm only at night.
It takes roughly 30 minutes for the Oronine H Ointment to absorb into the skin, so don't apply the balm right before you go to bed, or your face will stick onto your pillow sheet hehehe. Some people might don't like the sticky feeling, but I actually don't really mind, as long as the product works on me. There's always a price to pay anyway :)

Before using Oronine H Ointment, I tried gazillion acne treatments, most of them worked really well, however some products dried out my skin, and the others made my skin red. So most of the redness that I have on my skin right now isn't from the acne, but from the acne treatment I used. That's why I stopped using them all, and decided to try Oronine H Ointment.

So far, it doesn't make my skin dry or flaky, it doesn't cause redness! Instead, it shrinks down pimples without making my skin irritated, and it helps to brighten the acne scars, I know I've only been using it for a month, and I never really expect any instant progress from skincare, but it really works :)

I really wish I found Oronine H Ointment sooner to treat my hormonal zits and acne scars. I will continue to use it until my skin is completely healed. If you have the same skin problems like I do, I would recommend you to check it out at Miss Lie Collection. It's very affordable since you only have to use it for targeted problematic areas and not all over your face, and you can use it for other problems beside acne.

Only get this product at trusted online shop because there are fake products are sold online! Don't forget to quote 'BEAUTYAPPETITE' while checking out at Miss Lie Collection to get free shipping all over Indonesia.

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  1. Looks really like a great product!
    Thank you for this lovely review.

  2. Looks like it really works well on your skin problem.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

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  4. hey, i know this is very late, but i was wondering if you using this product alone or combined with other product?


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