Abbott CG 210 First Month Updates

by - October 21, 2015

 This is the update of my first month using CG 210. Read the previous post about how I use CG 210 and its abilities or watch the video instead. CG 210 is a hair and scalp essence that is developed and produced in France, had been clinically proven to help reduce hair loss problem.
 I use this hair and scalp essence twice everyday as instructed, and it has been a month since the first time I use it. Frankly, at first I didn't expect anything to happen within a month. When we're talking about skincare, it takes about (at least) 2-3 weeks until we can see the result, even some products don't show any outcome until couple of months of usage.
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And the speed of hair growth is only about 1.25 cm per month, I feel like when we're talking about haircare, it'll take much longer time to see the result rather than skincare.
 In my previous post, I 'complained' a little bit about how my hair shed everytime I wash it. However now my hair doesn't shed as much as it does before. It still shed, but in reasonable amount, not as tragic as before I use CG 210. Somehow the hair has been getting stronger from the roots, even I've been only using it for a month!
Now I'm anticipating more great results in the future. If you're having hair problems and seems like having no answers, I'd suggest you to try CG 210. It has two variants: Berry for women and Mint for men, and both smell really good in my opinion!

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    1. boleh banget dicoba, lebih baik menjaga rambut biar tebal daripada mengobati rambut rontok haahaha

  2. Looks really like a great product!
    Thank you for this lovely review!

    1. Hi Helena! Haven't talked to you for ages!
      Hope you're doing great :)

  3. Great post! .. It looks amazing :)

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  4. This sounds like an interesting product. I'm looking forward to seeing an update on your results!

    - Liz Lizo

  5. It sounds promising.
    Love this review

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