Clozette Ambassadors Gathering

by - February 10, 2015

Bonjour! So last week I attended Clozette Ambassadors Gathering. That was fun, since I haven't been able to attend any event for the past couple of months because of my busy schedule :(

We got a chance to play with lots of makeup, skincare, hair products (Oscar Blandi!) and the infamous Glam Glow mask! :) Thanks to Clozette Indonesia and My Beauty Story for this beautiful event hehehee.

I need this makeup case in my life..... I don't know why but I prefer mirror with traditional lightbulbs like that than the modern sleek ones #feelingvintage
Picture credit: Theresia Feegy
So here are my fellow Clozette Ambassadors! They're more beautiful in person ;)

Flat shoes by FLATSOEVER
I wish I could attend more events in the future (unfortunately, my email inbox is filled with lots of events invitations which I couldn't go to).

Make sure to follow me and other ambassadors at Clozette Indonesia.

 J E S S I E 

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