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Easy tricks to make eyes appear bigger that I always do every time. Only take me couple minutes to do this, and successfully make my slanted eyes look bigger. Follow these basic steps for bigger looking eyes.

Circle Lens
I'm short-sighted, but in special occasions, I prefer to use circle lens to glasses. Nowadays you can find circle lens in many sizes (I usually go for the ones in size 15mm), those lens can make your eyes look bigger in instance! However, if you have no problem with your eyes at all, and you never use circle lens before, I don't really recommend using soft lenses, this is just a substitute of glasses.
(I used Omega Berries 3 Tones)

Socket Lines
Apply dark brown eyeshadow (matte is preferred) on to your socket lines. Then, blend with blending brush, so there will be no hard edges, as you can see in the picture below...
(I used Naked in Naked Palette)

Apply white eyeliner to your waterline. For more natural look, use nude eyeliner instead of white.
(I used NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk)

Eyeliner (Upper Lash Line)
Apply bold line to your upper lash line, you can use liquid eyeliner or gel liner.
(I used Mei Linda Eyeliner    >>review<<     >>buy now<<)

Eyeliner (Bottom Lash Line)
With the same eyeliner, line your outer bottom lash line, then connect the line with upper lash line. Apply the rest of your bottom lash line with brown eyeliner for more natural look, then blend the colors together.
(I used Mei Linda Eyeliner    >>review<<     >>buy now<<)

Mascara & Highlight
Curl your lashes and apply lots of mascara or use fake lashes instead. Then, apply highlighter to your inner corner of your eyes, I normally use white, but you can also use other light colors.
(I used Lancome Hypnose Mascara)

Voila! These are my simple tricks to create bigger looking eyes.
Share me your beauty tricks! :)

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  1. Great tips :)

  2. hi Jessica, salam kenal^^
    bener2 ngebuat mata jadi keliatan lebih gede yaa, sayangnya aku masih geli-geli gimana gitu pas apply eyeliner di waterline :( harus banyak belajar lagi, hihi
    thank you for this very useful tips! following you now :)x
    Lova ♥ clovers and carousel blog


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