by - September 10, 2013

I love to play with colors. Dark colors, bright colors, everything is beautiful. And I think that's why I don't have a specific favorite color, because I love all colors. Somehow there are some rules when you're playing with colors, like don't use more than 3 colors per outfit, in make up, we also have rules, when you have many colors for your eye makeup, use nude lipstick, or vice versa, when you have bright lips, do not overpower your eye makeup.

Start off with moisturizer, makeup base, foundation or bb cream, and concealer. In the picture above, I  also already did my brows, and applied eye primer.

Apply eyeshadow that is one or two shade darker than your skin tone, and do not use eyeshadow that is too glittery, use matte ones. After that, blend the edges.

To create a double lids effect, I apply black eyeshadow on my eyelid with small eyeshadow brush, then blend the eyeshadow with big eyeshadow blending brush. You can see this trick add depths to my eye(s).

Apply black eyeliner on upper lash line, and brown eyeliner on your lower lash line. I prefer brown to black because it looks a lot more natural. Then you can curl your lashes and apply mascara, but I skip that part.

After that apply powder, blush and bronzer. And lastly apply your favorite bright lipstick, and your look is completed!! :)

What do you think about this look?

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  1. you so look pretty with natural make-up.. sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

  2. Really love all the things on your blog ! ^^


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