by - April 03, 2013

This is my favorite lip product of the month! Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple. Its not a normal lipstick, its LIP BUTTER! I don't even know how to describe it, its lipstick and also lipbalm, because this lip butter really moisturize my lips, but it the color is really opaque, not like any other lipbalm.

The shade that I'm using is no. 035, Candy Apple, which has perfect red shade for my pale lips, the color is bold and buildable, its like the perfect lip balm ever. The packaging is beautiful, not fragile, so travel friendly. The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter has so many range of colors, from pales, corals, neutrals to bold colors, you can pick your own favorite!

There are only two reasons that I can think of about why the name is Lip Butter.. The first one is because it kind of smell like butter (is it only me or do you guys also smell butter from this lip product?) I mean butter in a good way, it doesn't really smell like butter, BUT I have a habit of sniffing each of my lip products, well who doesn't love nice scented lip products, eh? And the second thing is because when you apply it on your lips, it goes on extremely smooth like butter, even when I have chapped lips. AWESOME!

The texture is really creamy, smooth and soft. You don't need to apply lipbalm before hand. It doesn't dry out my lips and it leaves a bit of glossy look.




Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$ (USD 8.00)
Repurchase: Oui!!!

Beautiful color to lighten up my day! :)
I'm going to buy some new colors, 'cause I really love it..

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  1. this one looks good :D
    i got mine in Sweet Tart, it's pink and pretty, but I'd love to have red, I'm definitely getting this :D nice review ;)


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