by - August 01, 2012

I haven't posted about beauty haul for some months, actually I did some beauty haul but I don't feel like posting them, so I'm thinking of posting another different kind of updates: a nail art haul. If you guys are interested about nail art, you must have heard about Konad Stamping Nail Art, a brand from Korea specialize in Stamping. Again, its really good for me, I don't have to draw, just stamp! So these are things that I bought today:

 (Sponge nail art set)

(Nail buffer-which has 4 sides) 

(Double side stamp set: Stamp and scraper) 

(Image plate no. m78) 

(Orange and sky blue Konad special nail polishes)

I only bought 2 another special nail polishes because I already got 3 nail polishes from the Sponge nail art set. Special nail polish from Konad is used for stamping, because you cannot stamp by using nail polish from another brand, well some will work but some won't, you cannot use nail polishes from Etude, Face Shop, but if you use OPI it works, but I recommend just to use the Konad ones, it will work best because the texture is more condensed and it dries very fast, also cheaper than OPI.

Actually I've ever tried my friends ones, but I just got back home, took some pictures and didn't have a chance to try mine yet :p. But I'll explain how to use the stamp in another post soon! Have a great day my babies :)

Have you ever tried stamping nail art before?

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