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I'll be OFF to Bali 15th February :)
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Bali, the island of Gods, the island of one thousand temples, or whatever you call it. It has unique culture and art, everyone wants to travel to this island. I got some tips for everyone who wants to travel to Bali island..

What to book:
1. Because it's in tropical country, of course you cannot avoid the humidity. You'd better book an air-conditioned room.
2. Sports! Sea-rafting, sea-walker, parasailing, snorkeling, flying fish, banana boat, jet ski, scuba diving, etc.
3. Dinner cruise (additional), you can also book dinner at restaurant near the beach, enjoying every second of sunset with the one you love. HA!
4. If you travel alone, you can rent a car/motorcycle, rentals are everywhere. (Driver licence's needed)

What to bring:
1. Thin fabric clothes, don't forget to leave at least half space of your baggage, because you're going to shop a lot!
2. Don't forget to bring your sunblock.
3. Camera/camcorder. You will cam-whoring of course! And phones too! Tweet, update your status, check in, upload photos, or whatever , just to make your friends jealous lol.
4. Sunnies! Don't forget to bring your favorite sunglasses
5. Bikinis, monokinis, swimsuits, the hotter you are the better :D (and googles too if you need)
6. Change your money into Indonesia Rupiah, you may also need some changes to buy snacks, souvenirs, entrance fee, parking fee..
7. Your passport of course

Where to go:
1. Taman Ayun
2. Alas Kedaton
3. Tanah Lot
4. Kuta
5. Kertagosa
6. Denpasar
7. Beaches (your choices! Legian, Kuta, Dreamland, Sanur, Lovina, etc)
(I'll review about them later. With LOADS of pictures.)

What to eat:
1. Bebek betutu (roast duck)
2. Babi guling (roast pork)
3. Other local restaurants, try Indonesian foods like 'nasi goreng' (fried rice), 'rujak' (mix fruits), 'gado-gado' (mix vegetable with peanut sauce) and many other!

What to buy:
1. Clothing
2. Paintings
3. Carvings
4. Pottery, or any other art stuffs you like
5. Silver jewelry

More about Bali »

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