Review: Mask Republic Powder Mask (Cinnamon, Moringa, Green Tea, and Rosemary)

by - November 26, 2015

I always love to pamper myself, go for a massage, mani-pedi, or simply by snuggling in my warm blanket, watching Friends while using face masks. Those simple things are some ways to recharge myself from all the hectic works I've been doing for the past couple of days. I personally like to use face masks, pretty much all the time... I have tons of different masks, either mud masks, sheet mask, powder mask, you name it. And recently, I'm looking for more natural products for my skincare, like avoiding face wash that has detergent ingredients, and using natural ingredients for my skin care or other beauty products. The products doesn't need to be organic, as long as they're natural, it's fine by me.

I've heard a lot of good things of Mask Republic before, on beauty forums, friends, and especially bloggers. It seems I'm pretty late to finally try it out, but I finally decided to try these masks! The products are free of chemical ingredients, and the most famous products from Mask Republic is--of course--their powder mask, I've also heard so many good things of their body scrub, lip scrub, and facial scrub. They're all natural and safe for our skin, and not to mention, affordable! The powder mask is only Rp 40.000 per pack, and I got myself 4 powder mask: Cinnamon, Moringa, Green Tea, and Rosemary.

All of the powder mask is made by oatmeal, healthy food that in general we consume daily as a meal in the morning. Oatmeal is a good fiber, has Omega-3, Thiamine, Iron, Beta-glucan, Anti-Oxidant, Reduces levels of cholesterol level. In addition to functioning as a healthy food, oatmeal used to treat skin health.

There are several benefits of using oatmeal for our skin:
Fighting Acne
Oatmeal is able to relieve acne because of its ability to absorb and remove excess oil and remove dead skin cells, it can relieve acne as well.
Remove Dead Skin Cells
Oatmeal is very effective in combating dull, dry, flaky skin because it contains polissacharides the gelatin in the water and forming a protective layer which is good for the skin. Oatmeal is also effective in treating dry skin symptoms such as hives, rashes, and skin peeling.
Skin Moisturizer
Oatmeal acts as a natural moisturizer to remove dead skin cells. Oatmeal has a beta-glucan content of which forms a smooth layer on the skin and can penetrate into the skin much needed skin. In addition it also can accelerate wound healing, improve collagen and activation of immune cells in the skin.
Relieve Itching Sense
Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and is suitable for all skin types. Oatmeal effective in healing dry skin and itching
Skin Lightening
Oatmeal is known to brighten skin and even out skin tone and texture
Treatment for Chickenpox
Oatmeal has been known since thousands of years ago to treat eczema, chicken pox, insect bites and skin infections due to the content of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-itch.
Natural Cleanser
Oatmeal has a natural cleanser called saponin that can remove dirt and oil from pores without causing irritation, making skin soft, supple and also shrink the pores.

Here's how to use Mask Republic Powder Mask:
Take the mask sufficiently (about 1 tablespoon)
Mix the mask with water
Stir evenly
Apply on face
Wait 5-10 minutes until dry and then wash your face with warm water

Moringa powder mask
Because the mask is made by oatmeal, the mask isn't 100% powder, I usually leave the mask on my face for about 10 minutes. The mask will start to dry out, then I massage it all over my face and neck, use it as a face scrub, then rinse it off with warm water. The feeling after rinsing off the mask is refreshing, skin feels softer and brighter. I've been using the mask twice a week for the last couple of weeks, and it also helps to shrink my pores :)

Mask Republic Powder Mask Oat Cinnamon

Cinnamon and oatmeal is a good blend in relieving acne because there are 3 main content on cinnamon which makes it useful as acne treatment, such as Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant. Cinnamon Oat mask is also good to help shrink pores, moisturize and smooth the skin.

By clearing the bacteria from the skin, Cinnamon prevent clogging of skin pores, reduce inflammation and increased production of sebum caused by bacteria.

The content of the Anti-Inflammation at Cinnamon can reduce the swelling of acne

The content of anti-oxidants in this Cinnamon protect the skin from environmental toxins and other harmful substances. Additionally, Cinnamon can give effect to peel microdermabrasion with the upper skin layer formed by sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. Exfoliation is able to clean the skin and provide a layer of healthy new skin.

This mask works amazing, but the smell is too strong to my liking, so I prefer the Oat Rosemary instead, as they pretty much have the same function to make skin glows.

Mask Republic Powder Mask Oat Moringa

Moringa has anti-aging properties, can be used as acne treatment and remove dark spots. If you've been reading my blog for quite a while, then you must have known already that I was struggling with acne for months, starting this year. It had lessened my confidence so much, though I never really mentioned it bluntly. My skin has been getting better slowly, I cut down my skincare products, I don't use half of it anymore, only use ones that I really need.

However, I still have some acne scars left, and this mask has been helping to brighten the dark spots and acne scars. I use it at least once a week, it surely takes time, but it works :) I really recommend it if you have the same problem like I do.

Mask Republic Powder Mask Oat Green Tea

Green Tea helps to treat skin and reduce inflammation and redness. Oat Green Tea mask is very useful to clear blackheads, oil control and also can rejuvenate the skin because the properties that can eliminate toxins from the skin that results can make the skin clean, soft and smooth.

I love the scent of green tea and oats combined! It smells relaxing, I always feel refreshed after using this mask.

Mask Republic Powder Mask Oat Rosemary

You may know Rosemary as herbs are easy to grow and is commonly used in cooking, but Rosemary is also a natural skin care ingredient that is effective with many benefits. Rosemary is rich in anti-oxidants, microelement and nutrients including iron, calcium, vitamins, pinene, camphor and other components that can provide benefits and improve skin quality.

Oat mask Rosemary helps refresh and rejuvenate the skin so it is good to tighten and improve the skin elastic. The skin will glow and soft, Rosemary is very useful in brightening dull skin. I prefer to use the Oat Rosemary mask to brigten up my skintone.

Do something nice for yourself, because you deserve it. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to use this mask, but the result is ah-ma-zing! My absolute favorite is the Oat Moringa and Oat Rosemary, it has been helping to brighten up my skin, removing dead skin cells, and lessening the dark spots!

As I said before, the mask is very afforadble, only IDR 40,000/pack. And each pack will last for couple months, as you only need one tablespoon of powder mask for your entire face, not to mention the ingredients are all natural! :)

You can get these powder mask at:
Instagram: @maskrepublic
LINE: @maskrepublic

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