iDeal of Sweden Phone Cases

June 12, 2017

As a millennial, I cannot be separated with my gadgets, especially my phone that I carry with everywhere I go. I plan all my schedules, write my thoughts and ideas, communicate with my friends and family, I surf the net before I sleep, I check social medias the moment I wake up, heck I even bring my phone to shower so I could listen to some good tunes.

As important as it is, I love dressing up my phone with cute phone cases. Not only they protect my phone, but they're also absolutely adorable. Not long ago, I stumbled across iDeal of Sweden that sells fashionable and aesthetically pleasing phone cases. My favorite ones are the marble cases, so I happened to get two of them...

Pink marble case to match my rose gold phone

These handmade phone cases are high quality, it's not flimsy and fragile like most phone cases. So if you're currently looking for new gorgeous and trendy phone cases, I recommend you to check iDeal of Sweden since they also offer free shipping on US orders.

 J E S S I E 

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